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I began my needle felting journey six years ago by creating beautiful potted plants like these. I'm so thrilled to be able to pass these skills on to you in the new DIY Cactus Course.

Supplies Needed for this Course:

  • Wool Roving or Carded Wool Batts (plant/detail & soil colors)
  • Felting Needles (my faves are size 38 star)
  • Needle Felting Foam (or your favorite felting surface)
  • Tiny Terra Cotta Pots or Small Containers

Click here for a preview photo of the supplies I use

The very first lesson in this course covers the types of materials and supplies that I love to use for needle felting.  I also provide a list of my favorite online resources so you don't have to scour the interwebs to find the best supplies.

About Dani

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Hey! I'm Dani Ives, a self-taught fiber artist and founder of Good Natured Art. My inspiration comes from my love of nature and science, which has an enormous influence on my work each and every day.  My love of animals from an early age took me on a university and career path based in biology and conservation education, but I've always dabbled in creative endeavors.  Now through art, I'm able to inspire others to admire and appreciate the natural world by focusing my work mostly on animal and botanical subjects.  Using natural fibers as a medium furthers my connection and respect for the natural world, so felting fits into my life in such a serendipitous way.  

I love being able to teach other creatives new skills, because I believe that investing in yourself is key to personal growth.  I've taught hundreds of students in workshops across the country, and I love the reactions I see when students discover what can be acheived when using wool as a medium. And with this course, I can help YOU realize just how fun and versatile needle felting can be!

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to send me an email: You can check out my portfolio and other fun stuff at

The Lessons!

A quick intro to the course.

Lesson One: Supplies, Technique and Resources
In this lesson I chat about my favorite tools to use for these projects.  I also give a quick lesson on how to hold a felting needle and create a three-dimensional shape. So, if you're a beginner needle felter, don't skip this!

Lesson Two: Potted Base
All happy potted plants need some soil, and this is way less messy! Each cactus you create will begin here, with a felted potted base.

Lesson Three: Barrel Cactus
This uncomplicated shape is a great starting point for building your felted cactus garden. Two additional videos show you how to add fun details like fuzzy spines and flowers!

Lesson Four: Bunny Ear Cactus
Bunny ear and prickly pear shaped cacti are fun to build and offer a dramatic effect. Have fun experimenting with different growth patterns and color combinations. Two more tutorials show you how to create ombré color effects and add spine clusters.

Lesson Five: Saguaro Cactus
Classic and iconic, the saguaro is a perfect addition to your felted garden.

BONUS Lesson Six: Woodland Toadstool
There is a special place in my heart for all mushrooms and toadstools.  This bonus lesson builds on the skills you've been practicing while making cacti.  With a few extra steps and a little imagination, you can see that the possiblities for expanding your felted garden are endless!

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This entire course is only $30!

Included in the DIY Cactus Course

  • 5 lessons that teach you step-by-step how to build three types of needle felted cacti
  • Bonus lesson on how to create a potted woodland toadstool
  • 130+ total minutes of video tutorials
  • Extra PDF resources and photos per lesson to aid in your learning
  • List of my favorite supplies and online resources
  • Instant and lifetime access to the course materials--You can watch and re-watch the tutorials whenever you'd like!

Enroll for $30

Over $300 value!